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About Soltreks
EST 1997

Soltreks' unwavering spirit, integrity and commitment to its mission of quieting the mind, opening the heart and discovering one's true self remains at the heart of their work.

Where do I go to find peace?  Where can I go to slow down in this fast-paced world?

How can I be in nature and learn at my own pace?  How do I live more from my heart?

These are the questions that led to the creation of Soltreks. Our journey began in 1997 with a deep desire to help individuals navigate life's challenges and discover their true selves. At Soltreks, we offer transformational journeys that guide you toward inner peace, self-discovery, and living authentically. We are committed to providing unique experiences that empower you to embrace life with clarity and purpose. We invite you to join us on a transformative path toward a more meaningful and fulfilling existence.

Co-Founders and Guides

Lorri Hanna


Lorri is a MN licensed professional counselor, a certified therapeutic recreation specialist and an ICF Associate Certified Coach with an unwavering commitment to meet others in their healing journey. She's completed training as a Reiki practitioner, yoga instructor (200) and conscious movement. An artist, Lorri brings creativity to her relationship centered approach.

Lorri directs an online global transformational coaching community and instructs the Holding Space course for the Center for Transformational Coaching. She is also a parent coach.

As founder of Barefoot Souls, a body-centered wellness practice, Lorri invites individuals to awaken and embody a deeper expression of who they are by listening to the power of their heart.

Doug Sabo

Captain Doug Sabo  _edited.jpg

Doug is a Licensed USCG Captain, a certified transformational coach and a wilderness first responder. He's guided individuals and groups on wilderness and outdoor personal growth journeys for over 25 years through hiking, sailing expeditions, sea kayaking and wilderness canoe expeditions.


He pursued personal growth opportunities and men's work throughout his career and enjoys sharing these insights, experiences and techniques he's learned with others.  


A pivotal adventure in Doug's life was in the late seventies when he traveled by boxcar from Southern California to Northern Minnesota, "a true Huck Finn adventure." This was when he discovered and witnessed the power of transformation through adventure travel and photography. Doug brings his passion and skill as a photographer to all his offerings.

50 Years of Combined Experience

Lorri and Doug are Certified Wilderness First Responders and Certified Deep Transformational Coaches.

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