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What are Transformational Journeys?

Transformational journeys are opportunities to uncover our most authentic self. A shift from traditional intellect-driven approaches, participants engage in intentional practices that cultivate empathy, resilience, healing and transformation. They include slowing it all down and syncing with the natural rhythm of life; giving way to shifts in how we view ourselves and life’s meaning and purpose. 


True transformation comes from within, requiring vulnerability. Blurred values and conditioned beliefs impact our choices, actions and patterns. We become more concerned about what others think and say instead of listening to and trusting our decisions and ourselves - our innate wisdom.


Our focus is developing higher self-awareness and presence--impacting our sense of connection and belonging. Experiences become transformative when we focus on who we are being and then, what we do from that place of being.  


Individuals depart with a deeper self-understanding and a renewed sense of direction. This new found direction empowers them to navigate life’s challenges with confidence, resilience and purpose.

​I go to Nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put together.

John Burroughs

Why Nature 

There is a sense of connection and belonging in nature.

Take a Closer Look

What's Unique About Soltreks

Intimate Guided Journeys Into Self-Discovery

Nature-Based Living

As the research has shown, nature reduces stress, improves the immune system and overall mood. In today's digital age, it's easy to get lost in the world of technology and forget about the beauty of nature. At Soltreks, we believe in the importance of connecting with the natural world. Nature is essential for our whole body health and so is spending time in the outdoors. 

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Why Soltreks

Soltreks' unwavering spirit, integrity and commitment to their mission of quieting the mind, opening the heart and discovering true Self remains at the heart of their work for over 25 yearsWe offer the support you need to confidently, intentionally and effectively learn to attend to your inner world.

We value customizing all of our offerings for each person who enrolls. The founders are the guides for your journey, contributing to a more personalized experience.

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Transformational Practices

Explore in the outdoors

Stillness, silence and contemplation

Breath-work, meditation and mindfulness

Expressive arts

Somatic practices

Journal prompts

Physical activity

Finding metaphors for life

Deep listening skills

Perspective taking

Therapeutic and mindful photography

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Potential Outcomes

Build and strengthen resilience

Soften trauma response

Deepen connection with self, others and the natural world

Regulate energy systems, heal and transform

Greater strength and flexibility, self-trust, vulnerability, compassion, joy and play

Strengthen values and beliefs

Improve resourcefulness and creativity

Develop and integrate new skills

Feel inspired and grateful

Practice presence

Sense into your aliveness

Develop self-love


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Transformational Coaching Calls

All transformational journeys include four coaching calls. Calls include elements of presencing or meditation, a focus on your agenda, potential outcomes, moments of silence and reflection on take-aways from the session. 

Coaching is also a stand alone offering.

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Certified Coaches and Guides

Co-founders are certified as transformational coaches and wilderness first responders with over three decades of service with young people, families and older adults. They value truth, respect, kindness, compassion and love. They also believe it's important to value learning and have a growth oriented mindset.

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